About Us

EverEx aims to bring digital therapy (DTx) solutions for joint rehabilitation that leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to the market, to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of data-driven medicine.

Our Vision

EverEx's vision is to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of data-driven medicine and to make everyone safer and more efficient joint rehabilitation exercises at home, via digital therapy (DTx) solutions that leverage cutting-edge AI technologies. We achieves this mission through development of vision AI, which is built using AI techniques such as statistical inference, motion recognition, and machine learning.

Our Products


MORA is the first digital therapeutic (DTx) solution for joint rehabilitation/exercise therapy in Korea.

  • - Evidence-based rehabilitation exercise curriculum
  • - Customized exercise therapy solution
  • - Mobile Video/Audio Guidance
  • - Monitoring / Feedback
  • - Motion correction through AI vision recognition technology

Our Products

2. KneeEx

KneeEx is Home-training quadriceps exerciser specialized for knee joint rehabilitation.

  • - Resistance and movement angle adjustment - Real-time motion detection
  • - Interlocking with MORA
  • - Exercise data transmission through Bluetooth

Our Technologies

  • AI-based 3D Pose Estimation Technology
    EverEx’s 3D human pose estimation technology can be used to measure distances and depths of skeleton key points without special depth sensing cameras, and is powered by on-device AI within general Smartphones. With this, we extract quantitative human motion information especially for rehabilitation training and physical therapy.
  • Vision-based Digital Assistant System
    Based on gathered human motion information, digital assistant technology detects incorrect posture and assists patients to learn and improve functional activity, and physical therapy in real-time via Smartphones.
  • Patient Monitoring System
    EverEx’s medical cloud system allows patients to monitor their status at one glance, including evaluations, progress notes, re-assessments, and discharge notes.

Our History

  • 2019
    • 08.12 Established EverEx
    • Selected for Pre-startup Supporting Package
  • 2020
    • Awarded as an excellent company in Digital Healthcare Idea Competition
    • Selected for Initial-Startup Supporting Package
    • Awarded as a best company in 1st Seoul Stage Eureka(Safety-Healthcare)
  • 2021
    • Participated in CES 2021
    • Selected for Global Accelerating Program
    • Registered as a venture enterprise
    • Selected for NUp Program (NVIDIA Global Incubating Program)
    • Selected for TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Startup)

Our Team

  1. CEO Alex Chan Yoon
  2. COO Jay J. Park
  3. Rehabilitation Exercise Program Researcher Sang Jin Yang
  4. Rehabilitation Advisory Jae Hyun Park
  5. Instrument Design Young Sun Ryu
  6. IOS / Server Developer Han Kuk Shin
  7. Android Developer Sung Hun Lee
  8. Front End Developer Min Hyuk Cho
  9. UX/UI Design Woo Young Kim
  10. Exercise Program Research Ha Ri Cha
  11. Development of Exercise Program Contents Bo Hyun Kim